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General Disclaimer and Information Stuff

Since the topic was kind of brought up and I feel like saying it?

Hi, my name is hermiethefrog and I run a blog!

My blog includes A LOT of reblogged posts. These posts are for the various things I like and may include things like spoilers, pairings, etc. etc.

I try to space out posts so that I don’t spam certain things and I also try and tag everything so that people can tumblr savior it!

The two things I can think of now that I reblog a lot of that are particularly spoiler-y are Legend of Korra and Homestuck. Homestuck will be tagged with homestuck or, if it’s a recent enough thing, update. Legend of Korra will be tagged with Legend of Korra, Korra, or spoilers if it’s Saturday and I’m reblogging things for a recent episode.

I do reblog NSFW things on occasion and will tag them as simply “NSFW.” 

I talk about myself a lot and tag these things with “exciting life of hermie.” Don’t wanna see me talk about that stuff? Block the tag. Similarly, if I think a post is going to be too long, I put it under a read more break.

I get that sometimes things show up on your dashboard that are totally annoying and I’d really hate for you guys to have to unfollow me because of it. If there’s anything that I reblog/post that you would like me to tag in a certain way so that you can block it, go ahead and ask!